AdMaster features

The long story short

AdMaster is a software tool that creates the schedule for your commercial breaks.

> It is very powerful, but very easy to use. Start today. You won't need any training;
> It can be used with any broadcast automation that can import the traffic logs created by another software;
> It can run on any PC inside or outside your station. Remote scheduling is also available;
> The advanced multi-station features are available, such as keeping the commercial breaks on all stations in sync;
> The user interface is available in serveral languages. We can add your language too.

There's many more. Please take your time. 

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - General settings
Set up the commercial breaks exactly how you need them

You can create up to 12 highly configurable commercial breaks per hour. The breaks can be activated and filled in a specific order, and shortened or topped up to meet the duration requirements. The intro/outro station ID's or the custom metadata or playlist code lines can be added to the beginning and the end of any commercial break.

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Any scheduling pattern can be automated, and anything can be edited manually

One installation of AdMaster can manage the unlimited number of radio/tv stations, clients, campaigns and spots. Set the start/end dates, or have a campaign running until you manually stop it. Repeat the same hours from day to day, or let the powerful algorithm to pick the different hours combination each day. If you prefer, schedule the entire campaign manually (click to ad, click again to remove the spot from the schedule). Whatever schedule you create, you can always fine-tune it manually.

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AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Variable schedule
AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Same business separation
The powerful algorithm works for you under the hood

The spots from the same campaigns, the same client spots from the parallel campaigns, the spots that advertise the same branch and the spots recorded by the same voice artists are separated automatically. The algorithm goes as far as re-scheduling all active campaigns to find the best position for each and every spot. You always keep the full control, and can override any schedule pattern generated automatically.

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Quick and easy multi-station scheduling

A campaign can be set to run on one station, or simultaneously on two or more stations. AdMaster will shorten the longer and top up the shorter stopsets, providing your playout software the help to keep the network in perfect sync. 

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AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Multi-station scheduling
AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - The Workstation version
The AdMaster Workstation - remote scheduling and basic programmatic advertising platform

Basically, the Workstation is an export-only version of AdMaster, used to provide the remote scheduling and all the infrastructure you need to set up your own basic programmatic advertising platform. The unlimited number of Workstations can be added to any AdMaster installation, free of charge.

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The Traffic log editor offers you to fine-tune the stopsets manually

In some cases, you'll want to fine-tune the schedule created by the AdMaster's algorithm. The Traffic log editor allows you to edit the final traffic log by dragging and dropping, adding or removing any spot. You can move the spots from one break, hour and day to another, and resolve the conflict warning messages.

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AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Traffic log editor
AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Stats & Reports
The detailed Stats and Reports on everything you can possibly need

AdMaster remembers each and every detail on all campaigns that you've ever broadcasted. It also logs everyone's activity, so you'll always be able to retreive the details in case you ever need them. 

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Live Broadcast log reconciliation with the email alerts

Enjoy the benefits of the next step in broadcast log reconciliation: AdMaster will send you an email alert in case any mismatch is discovered comparing the traffic schedule and the broadcast log.  

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AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Log Reconciliation