Multi-frequency traffic scheduling with StationPlaylist

AdMaster Traffic Software - Multi-station traffic scheduling

What you need

> One AdMaster license per frequency (or station); the progressive multi-station discount is available. You will be able to manage the traffic for the entire network of stations (or a multi-region/frequency station) from one place. The separate traffic scheduling for each channel (region or frequency) is also possible; 
> One StationPlaylist Creator installation is used to create the shared playlist for the entire network of stations or frequencies. The music playlist is shared across the network, while the imaging elements and the voice tracking may be separated per channel/frequency. We can provide the complete setup and maintenance service (including the music playlist creation and updates): you let us know what you want on the air, and we make it happen. Contact us for the details.
> One StationPlaylist Studio installation per frequency (or station), each with its own physical or virtual audio sound card output. The multiple instances of Studio can be installed on the same computer. library available to each and every Studio installation. The file-sync services can do the job, as well as mapped network drives;The separate traffic log folders for each frequency (or station); the spots library can be shared for the entire network.

What can be done

> Each of your frequencies can have its own commercial breaks, while the rest of the playlist is identical for the entire network. The audio library is shared across the entire network;
> The entire traffic is managed from one installation of AdMaster. One person can easily keep everything under control from a station, or a remote location;
The additional installations of AdMaster Workstation can help you to add the unlimited number of locations to manage the traffic from. So if you are broadcasting for e.g. New York and Boston areas, the NYC office can manage the traffic for both cities, while the Boston office can have its own Workstation installed, to send the schedules directly to the AdMaster at the NYC office. Please note that, in this example, the Boston office will not have any access to the schedules created by the NYC office. To read more about the Workstation possibilities, please click here;
> The entire traffic is managed in AdMaster. All changes are effective immediately. No one has to touch Creator or Studio to merge the traffic logs. Creator can be password-protected, or installed on the computer that only you have the access to;
> Each frequency (or region or station) can have its own station ID’s or jingles inserted before and after the commercials. Each commercial break can have its own intro and outro IDs, jingles or station IDs. Everything is managed by AdMaster, without altering the playlist generated by Creator;
> Each frequency (or station) can have its own custom metadata output during the commercial breaks. This can be set up in Creator (as of version 5.30) or AdMaster (as of version 4.2);
> You decide how tight you want to keep the network in sync. To help you with this, AdMaster can time-limit the commercial breaks and top-up the shorter ones. The active spots can also be used to act as the top-ups, thus providing the free bonus plays to the advertisers, boosting their campaign effects and increasing the chances to have their contracts renewed. The dynamic top-ups are available: the entire network is monitored on break-by-break basis, and the commercial breaks are automatically topped up to match the duration of the longest running one. Any changes to the campaigns update the top-ups instantly, so if someone from the sales department adds a spot to the station with the longest running breaks, all the others are adjusted instantly. The alternate solution is to select a “master” station, and AdMaster will adjust the duration of all other stations accordingly.

The advanced features

> In addion to the commercial breaks, you can separate the other playlist items such as news, weather, traffic and/or station ID’s on each frequency (or channel or region), while the main playlist remains identical for the entire network;
> The different voice tracks can be played on different frequencies (or channel or region), while the playlist remains identical for the entire network. The position of any given voice track in the rotation stays identical across the network. One person can create the voice tracks for the entire network, or each station can have its own hosts, or you can cross-share the resources (including co-hosting the shows);
> Everyone involved in voice tracking can be assigned the permissions to contribute to any station from the network. The voice track artists can use any audio editing software for the recording. No advanced automation knowledge is required: they only need to render the audio track to the specific folder. The music beds are added in SPL Studio. The next song's ramp starts under the voice track, matching the intro time and providing the perfect live broadcast effect. In case a voice track is not provided for whatever reason, the music bed is skipped and a custom station ID is set to be played instead. 

> This setup requires the advanced StationPlaylist Creator skills. The basic step-by-step instructions are provided free of charge to all AdMaster users. In case you need someone to set up the entire system for you, we can provide the initial setup service, as well as the full remote automation management service that may also include configuring the music playlist and the regular updates. To get a quote, please contact us with your requirements.