Integrating AdMaster with Jazler RadioStar

To integrate AdMaster with Jazler RadioStar, you need to do the following:

1) In AdMaster, navigate to Output format settings, and click the Change the format link to select Jazler RadioStar compatible output;

2) In AdMaster, on the same settings tab, click the Configure the commercial breaks to set how many commercial breaks you want to air in an hour. By default, AdMaster will create two commercial breaks per hour, and this is where you can increase or decrease the default number of breaks in an hour. The advanced settings are available (e.g. the hours with no commercials, or with less commercial breaks than elsewhere. Use the Settings link for each commercial break to open the break settings, and carefully set The break starting minute in an hour. It is only an estimated value; the exact starting broadcast time is out of AdMaster’s control, but the estimated starting minute is an important parameter, because you will need to set the same starting minute in Jazler’s Spots properties window.

3) In Jazler RadioStar, open the Import Commercials Playlist window and select the AdMaster’s commercial breaks playlist folder (the folder location is determined in AdMaster’s Settings/Folders tab)

4) In Jazler RadioStar, select Spots/Commercials Database in Control Panel, then click Edit Spots Properites under Tasks, and select Commercial Breaks & Priorities tab. Delete the existing breaks (if any), and set up the new ones, matching the breaks’ starting minutes set in AdMaster (as described in Step 2).

When setting a campaign, you will need to obtain the playlister codes for each commercial, which means that you need to add the audio file to Jazler before you process it in AdMaster. Also, you will need to re-import the playlists in Jazler each time you change anything in AdMaster.

Jazler’s manual describing how to import the commercial breaks is available here.