Live Campaign Reports: Real-Time Insights

Take a giant step ahead your competition: Let your advertisers track the broadcast times in real time. 

Typically, traffic software generates two types of reports for customers: advance reports with expected broadcast times and post-airing reports/affidavits.

AdMaster does things differently. It generates a new schedule whenever a new ad is added or an existing one is changed. Plus, in addition to traditional reports/affidavits, it creates a web page that advertisers can access anytime to check up-to-date information on when their ads have played and when they'll air in the future. This ensures fairness among all advertisers, granting everyone equal access to prime slots and consistent service quality.

How it works

AdMaster generates a dedicated web page for advertisers to monitor their ad broadcasts in real time.


Campaign scheduling

You create the campaign schedule according to the agreement with the client, using AdMaster's intuitive interface.

Live Report

Automated Reporting

AdMaster automatically generates the campaign report page, providing the log reconciliation data, real-time insights, and schedule by the end of campaign.

Report Page

Instant Client Access

Clients receive instant access to dedicated web links, allowing them to track their ad placements and schedules.

Click here to explore a sample live report and see AdMaster in action.