The Traffic Log Editor features

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Traffic Log Editor Overview
Quick and intuitive browsing

Browse through the commercial break playlists, make sure that everything has been scheduled according to your settings. Make the manual adjustments. Whatever you re-arrange in the commercial breaks, will override the scheduling algorithm settings. 

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Filter the log
Filter the log to focus on a specific campaign

The Traffic Log Editor will display only the hours where a specific campaign appears, so that you can keep a tight eye on the schedule, and check if everything is perfect. 

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Resolving the conflicts
Resolve the scheduling conflicts manually

The scheduling algorithm will always do its best to avoid any scheduling conflicts, but in real life, if there are no other spots to split the spot group (piggybacking spot), you'll have the final word on what to do with the schedule.  

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Adding the spots manually
Add the spot manually

In case you're required to do the last second change, you can add any active spot directly to the commercial break playlist.