Stats and Reports features

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Stats and reports
Internal or client reports

You can create lots of different reports to be used for the planning and administration within the station, or to be sent to the clients. The reports can be generated on any active or inactive client, campaign and/or actor (voice artist). 

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Copy, email or save the reports
Copy, email or save the report

Once the report is created, you can have it copied to the clipboard for the easy transfer to another software, email it to the customer (or to your own inbox), or save it as a spreadsheet file. 

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Daily or monthly stats
Daily or monthly stats

To help you keep an eye on the commercial breaks load, you can have the graph bars for any given day or month prepared in a blink of an eye.

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - General Log
General log

Need to know who had launched a specific campaign five months ago? No problem: AdMaster carefully logs each and every operation.