Commercial breaks features

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - General settings
Manage up to 12 commercial breaks per hour

Each and every hour throughout the week can be configured separately, allowing you to create any setup, from commercial-free hours, to the complex setup with the political (elections) campaigns, station promos and paid advertising grouped into separate breaks. 

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Commercial break settings
Give them the names to recognize them easier

A break can have its unique name, so that you can recognize it easier. This feature is a lifesaver when scheduling a live event full of short breaks. 

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Advanced Break settings
Create the new break only when the previous one is full

The Priority 2 breaks would only be created in case all the Priority 1 breaks are full.  The duration limit can be set separately for each break. There are 12 levels of priority. All the breaks with the same priority level are filled evenly. 

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Set the duration limits
Set the duration limits

Each and every break in a week can have its own duration limit set independently. The shorter breaks can be topped up (check the top up features below).

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Intro and outro IDs
The traffic playlists can include the intro/outro ID's

The intro and outro station ID's can be included to the commercial breaks playlists, with the separate settings per break. This allows e.g. something like "...and we're back with the non-stop hits all the way to the Weather report at 4PM" to close the commercial break at 3:45PM. 

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Custom Metadata
Add the custom metadata or playlist code lines to the breaks 

The custom code lines can be added to the top/bottom of each commercial break, to enhance the control of your playout software.

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Station IDs in between the commercials
Add the Station ID (Bumper) in between the commercials 

In some countries, it is mandatory to have a Station ID or a specific separator file inserted in between the commercials. AdMaster allows you to set this in just a few clicks.

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Topping up the shorter breaks
Top up the shorter breaks

Any break with a duration limit can be topped up in case the scheduled spots are not enough to reach the limit. Any active spot can be used as a top-up, providing the free bonus plays to the paying customers, or you can use any other top-up files of your choice. If you need the in-depth control, each break can have its own top-up files selected, and some advanced settings are also available (e.g. if there are spots scheduled with "always last in the break", they can be scheduled after the top-up files, not to confuse the clients).