The Scheduling algorithm features

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Keeping the duration balance
Duration balance between the breaks

Providing that no duration limits are applied to the breaks and that the campaigns are not deliberately set to be played in the specific breaks, the scheduling algorithm will keep the duration balance between the commercial breaks within the same hour. The total break duration has the priority over the number of spots. 

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Same branch separation
Same business (branch) separation

The spots that advertise the same branch of business would be kept as far away of each other as possible. We've offered the initial business categories, but you can rearrange them according to your needs (e.g. you can delete the Communications category, and create the separate Mobile providers, Internet service providers and Other Communication providers categories). 

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - The same business separation - the second level
The second level of Same business (branch) separation

You run the spots for Nissan and Hyundai dealers, and they would be separated by default. But there's a shopping mall spot mentioning the Toyota vehicle (say it's a grand prize in the Christmas promotion). It is a normal behavior to schedule this spot next to Hyundai's, as the advertiser is from another business branch (a shopping mall). To prevent this scenario, a campaign setup includes displaying the list of all active campaigns, to let you edit the separation list manually. The spots from the same branch will always be pre-selected by default.

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Same voice separation
Same voice separation

You've probably heard a fun fact about a station that lost both clients promptly because a wedding rings manufacturer's and a divorce attorney spots had been recorded by the same person, and the software played them in back to back. In AdMaster, you can prevent this by adding the information about the voice artists, and the algorithm will maintain the safe distance between the spots recorded by the same person(s).