AdMaster Compatibility: it works with your playout

The available presets for RADIO automation, listed in alphabetical order:

> Arrakis Automation:
> Audio Vault:
> Audisi GML:
(AdMaster can be integrated using the built-in custom output format configurator; scroll down to see the screenshots)
> BSI Simian:
> Close RadioTV: (can be integrated using the BSI Simian output in AdMaster)
> Competa Playout (FREE):
> Dalet Playout:
> DJB Radio:
> Dinesat Pro Radio:
> Enco DAD:
> InfoAudio:
> Integra Air:
(can be integrated using the custom output format configurator in AdMaster; scroll down to see the screenshots)
> Jazler RadioStar and SOHO:
(the integration tutorial available here)
> mAirList:
(TPI format available as an output preset in AdMaster settings, check this post on the mAirList support forum for more information. Thanks, Ruud!)
> Music 1 Pro:
> Music Master:
> Myriad Playout:
> NextKast:
> OmniPlayer:
> Playlist Digital:
> Playit Live:
(the integration tutorial available here)
> PlayoutOne:
> PowerGold Music Scheduling Software:
> RadioBoss:; the integration tutorial available here
> RadioDJ (FREE):
(the output presets for both m3u for new, and rpl outputs for older versions, are available in AdMaster, check this RadioDJ Forum topic)
> Rivendell Linux Automation (FREE):
(the output preset available in AdMaster; not tested under Wine – you need a Windows PC to work with AdMaster)
> Sam Broadcaster:
(the m3u files generated by AdMaster are inserted via script e.g. “Queue.AddList(‘C:AdMaster Playlists10a.m3u’,ipBottom);”)
StationPlaylist Creator/Studio (three different output presets available in AdMaster (integration via Play a file break notes, Commercial break break notes, or via Commercial spot groups). The integration video tutorial available here. We can assist you in configuring Creator and Studio to send the separate commercial breaks to different frequencies or audio channels; the details are here)
> Wide Orbit:
> Zara Radio & Zara Studio:
> Zenon Media's SEND broadcasting:
> Zetta by RCS Software:

The available presets for TELEVISION automation, listed in alphabetical order:

> Darim FS4000:
> Dinesat Movie:
> Forward T Broadcast Automation by Softlab:
> Jazler VideoStar:
> Masterplay: (AdMaster creates the native Masterplay .in files with the commercial breaks playlists. Setting the AdMaster playlists folder in Masterplay Configuration / Directories section, and checking the YYYY-MM-DD playlist mode option activates the unattended traffic import)
> Vplay 4/5:

Configuring the CUSTOM output format:

In case your current automation platform is not listed above, you can use the built-in output format configurator to set up the output format that meets the exact requirements of your current playout/automation software. 

You start from determining if one playlist file contains the traffic logs for the entire day, for one hour, or for one commercial break:

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Customizing the commercial breaks

The next step is to configure the file name format. You can configure both file name and the extension:

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Customizing the commercial breaks output format

The final step is to configure the structure inside a playlist (log) file. The available elements will allow you to configure the exact file content that your playout software can read and import. In case the required format is too specific to have it configured using the offered elements, contact us with the technical requirements, and we would gladly code the dedicated output and add it to the presets list. No purchase necessary.

AdMaster Traffic Software - Screenshots - Customizing the output format
Are you experiencing the difficulties in configuring the output format?
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