AdMaster's Algorithm: The perfect schedule makes happy clients

Unlike many traffic tools out there, AdMaster will never add a new campaign to the schedule by simply adding the new spot to the bottom of the playlist. Each time any campaign is added, edited or stopped, the entire traffic schedule would be recalculated and created from the scratch. This provides the fair policy to all advertisers, brings the highest possible advertising effects, so your clients would gladly renew their contracts. You keep the final word, though: if you set a spot to be positioned towards the top of the break, your settings will be respected in full. 


Fair scheduling policy

Unless you apply the different settings, AdMaster will always maintain the equal chances policy to each and every campaign.  


Auto recalculations

To provide the fair slots access, the entire traffic schedule is recreated each time any campaign is added, edited or stopped.


Advanced positioning

You can set any spot to be scheduled towards the top, around the middle, towards the bottom, or to be the first/last in its break.


Two levels of branch separation

Two car dealerships and a shopping mall giving away a car in a Christmas promo will all be carefully separated from each other.


Same voice separation

The spots recorded by the same voice artist will be kept as far away of each other as possible.


You keep the final control

You can use the Traffic log editor to manually re-arrange anything you want in the final traffic schedule.