AdMaster Workstation: how it works

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The most important thing to start from: the Workstation is not a remote panel for the main AdMaster installation. 

You create a detailed campaign schedule using the AdMaster Workstation. The campaign information is saved to a small xml file. These files are then being delivered to the full version of AdMaster on one or more radio or television stations. When the campaign file is received, AdMaster at the station will read the campaign information, insert the campaign to the main commercials schedule, re-create the updated traffic log and send it to the Broadcast PC.

The campaign files can be transferred manually (using the LAN or VPN network, USB flash drives, e-mail or the file sync services), or automatically, via AdMaster’s own file sync platform.

Allowing the AdMaster at the recipient’s side to automatically import the campaigns can bring you many benefit, including the possibility of setting up your own programmatic advertising platform. Let your customers schedule their own campaigns, and the AdMaster at the recipient’s side to automatically insert the received campaigns. Your job is only to monitor the entire process and to send the invoices.

AdMaster Workstation is free for everyone. The full version of AdMaster is required only at the campaign recipient’s side.

AdMaster Workstation can set up and manage the unlimited number of campaigns. However, it cannot create the common traffic playlist(s) with all the campaigns combined at one place. It can only export the campaigns (one by one), and you need the full version of AdMaster on the recipient’s side to read the files containing the campaign information, and insert the campaigns to the main schedule.

AdMaster Workstation is a stand-alone application that can be installed anywhere, including any location outside the station. It needs a Windows based computer, and a working internet connection

The recipient’s AdMaster installation can be restricted to allow the auto import procedure only if the campaigns have arrived from the list of trusted AdMaster Workstations. Each campaign has its unique ID which cannot be replicated, so no one can push a campaign to your station unless you have previously agreed to that.

These are the most common scenarios:

  • The full version of AdMaster is installed on the computer managed by the Head of your Sales department. The sales reps/agents are working on their own AdMaster Workstations. The “main” AdMaster imports the campaigns set by everyone, combining them into the final schedule. The reps/agents can only see and manage their own campaigns, while the Head of Sales can see and edit everything.
  • The station invites the key customers to schedule their own campaigns. There are many large busnisses that operate their own marketing departments, who create their own campaign schedules manually, or using the spreadsheet or other software. Then, these schedules are being sent to the broadcasters, where someone needs to take care of them. It sometimes can take hours to replicate the campaign created by someone else. This is where AdMaster Workstation jumps in. Invite your customers to install it. As soon as they do it, they will be able to create their own campaign schedules up to the tiniest detail. A couple of minutes after they hit the “Export” button, the campaign will automatically be imported in your installation of AdMaster. Whoever wants to execute their campaigns at 2AM, will be able to do it without waking you up.
  • The station grants the access to the advertising agencies using AdMaster Workstation. The agencies schedule the campaigns for their clients, and send them directly to the AdMaster at the recipient station(s). The campaigns are being imported, processed and included to the main schedule immediately. The station only needs to send the invoices.
  • In a multi-station environment, the full version of AdMaster is installed on the broadcast PC of each station. The commercials scheduling is performed from the unlimited number of Workstations. Each of them can be assigned to access only the specific station, or all of them. A campaign that needs to be carried by all the stations is sent to all of them simply and easily immediately after it’s been set up, by checking the corresponding checkboxes in Workstation’s export dialog.

The free Workstation version can be downloaded from this page.