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Before we started working with AdMaster the Ad Schedule was done manually. Some clients wanted 4 adverts per day for 1 year, a lot of hours inputting! This system saves me a lot of time and boredom! It now takes no more than a couple of minutes to upload the campaigns to the system, I would 100% recommend AdMaster, the system is fantastic and the support team have been on hand whenever I need them and always answer my queries quickly and concisely. Thank you AdMaster!

We got into AdMaster and it’s doing exactly what we wanted it to. Low cost and great support – and regular updates with new, well considered features. It’s easy to learn and after setting it up, which does takes a little bit of time (well worth the effort though) to ensure you meet all your on-air requirements, you’ll find it a piece of cake to maintain.

Mike Williams, Free FM
AdMaster saves me a lot of time and gives me a level of control that I never could have had doing it the hard way. For the most part, I can set it and forget it. For stations like ours, with limited revenue and a tight budget, AdMaster is a life-saver. An simple, easy to use interface without a steep learning curve.
Joe Szymanski, WHZY 101.7
Before we started to work with AdMaster, our traffic scheduling was done manually and had no structure. We can now decide exactly where and how often ads will be played, and can manage clients accounts better. It is an easy to use program with really good customer support.
Ian Oogly, Heat FM Moraira
Our station was a new start-up in need of a traffic solution. AdMaster was a recommended solution from our automation vendor, and we found it met our initial needs and looked to offer expansion in the future, as needed. We have only been live for four months, but AdMaster has performed perfectly for us during that time. It is not difficult to learn, is intuitive, and works well for us.
KZHP, Sacramento, California
We have installed AdMaster on our sales agent’s laptop, and used Dropbox to link it to main broadcasting computer. Our sales agent can now send a campaign to broadcast a minute after the deal is made, still sitting at client’s office. Changes effective immediately. You cannot imagine how our clients love this.
You just pop in which client is going to advertise what, and how much that commercial is going go and boom, it’s finished! Before I started using AdMaster I used to make separate spot groups in Station Play List for every client, which worked when we only had a few clients, but now as we got more clients it got harder. AdMaster allowed us to save time managing schedules, since it does all that work for us.
Erik Rosén, Radio Floda, Sweden
For what it’s worth, I downloaded and tested (with SPL Creator) virtually every traffic management package for which I could get hold of an evaluation copy. AdMaster was by far the simplest and easiest to get working of any of them (doesn’t hurt that it’s also pretty cheap), so that’s what we ended up buying.
Tech support from the company is very good, personal, and fast (I suspect it is one of the software developers who answers support questions).
Andrew Crawford, CIOE-FM 97.5, Canada
Your program rocks. It is reliable, powerful, very easy to work with, and the price is great for all the job it does… We now spend an hour for the scheduling job that used to take the entire afternoon. We were finally able to send the sticky notes straight to the history: before AdMaster, the sales people were using tons of them to remind the tech guys to start or stop the campaigns at a specified time.
The guy had actually written this for his own station. There’s no better recommendation than this. A radio related software created by a person that knows exactly what a station would need. AdMaster does the job perfectly, and has everything you need to keep the commercials under a tight control. It took over lots of painful administrative work from our technicians.
Mićo Zečević, Radio Budva
We use AdMaster on our terrestrial station (Riot FM). Easy to use and efficient. Intergrates perfectly with SPL. Their support is also great if you ever need it. When we finish developing our seperate internet station (different format) we’ll be ordering it for that, too. (This not a paid announcement 🙂 )

(copied from Internet Radio Broadcasting Facebook group)

Geoff Brown, Riot FM