Hi there! Many thanks for your interest in our software!

You’ll be able to integrate AdMaster very easily. Lots of output log presets are already available. If your playout/automation is not among them, send us the requirements, and we’ll prepare the preset for you.

The user inteface is simple, intuitive, very easy to use, we can add your language interface too, it takes only two minutes to set an average campaign, and everyone from your station will be able to use the software instantly.

Anything is possible, any pattern can be automated and repeated, and any schedule can be edited and fine-tuned manually. The powerful scheduling engine works for you and your clients all the time, squeezing out the maximum out of your station’s advertising time potentials, gaining better advertising effects to your clients, and bringing them back to renew the contracts… Check out the Features page for more information.

To name just a few: the ongoing spots are moved to the alternate positions upon arrival of a new campaign, to make the better room for a new spot. The commercial break durations can be time limited or adjusted dynamically, to match the longest running break within the network.  The same business campaigns are separated on two levels: if a shopping mall advertises a vehicle giveaway, the spot will be separated from the car dealer’s campaign.

Up to 12 commercial breaks per hour can be configured independently for each hour and weekday. You can set the priority levels (the next break is created and activated only if the previous one is full),  the duration limits, the the top-ups and the intro/outro jingles (to be included to the commercial break playlist). The changes are effective immediately. A live event did not end in time? A couple of clicks will make the next hour a commercial-free one, and the spots will be re-scheduled to the forthcoming hours.

AdMaster will monitor your main broadcast log. In case any scheduled spot is not broadcasted, you’ll receive an e-mail alert. That’s an extra layer of security, especially for the stations in remote areas that suffer from power or network failures.

You can receive the e-mail notifications if a campaign is created, edited or stopped, the campaign expiral reminders (up to three per campaign, to contact the client and renew the contract), and the auto-generated monthly reports about all the campaigns carried throughout the month.

The traffic for the unlimited number of networked stations can be managed from one place (one license = one station; progressive volume discount available), by scheduling the multi-station or network campaigns, while a simple keyboard shortcut will switch you from one station from another for scheduling the separate (local) campaigns. If you prefer, each station from your network can have has its own AdMaster installation, and be able to quickly send (export) the campaign schedules (with the spots) to the others, using the built-in campaign-sync platform. AdMaster can help you to keep the network in sync, by time-limiting the stopsets to the fixed duration, or maintaining their durations dynamically, to match the duration of the longest running break in network, or the duration of the same stopset on the selected “master” station. Please contact us for demo, as you need the full version of the program to work with; the free trial is a single-station version only.

In addition to remote scheduling that anyone from your station will be able to do from any location, you can invite the clients and the ad agencies to install the Workstation and use it to send the scheduled campaigns and the spots directly from their Workstation to the AdMaster installation at your station. The campaigns received this way will be automatically imported, and the new traffic schedule will be created and sent to your playout/automation software instantly. In case your playout/automation supports the unattended traffic log update, this becomes your own basic programmatic advertising platform: the clients create their own campaign schedules, while you only monitor the process and send them the invoices!

For the detailed list of features, prices, free trial, frequently asked questions, technical requirements and all other information that you may be looking for, please check the top menu.