Frequently asked questions

At a glance:
Can it work with your playout? YES, if your playout can import the third-party logs or playlists.
Can it skip some hours and leave them commercial free? YES. You can also configure the breaks so that the second (or third,…) break in an hour is added only if the previous one had met the duration criteria.
Can it create the commercial breaks for more than one station at a time? YES, one installation takes care of the unlimited number of stations. You need a multi-station license (available at the discounted rates).
Can it limit the commercial breaks duration? YES. The duration can be limited, the shorter breaks can be topped up, and our new algorithm can keep an eye on the entire network of stations, and dynamically top-up all the breaks to match the duration of the longest running break across the network.

Pre-sales questions

AdMaster is software that schedules and maintains the commercial breaks playlists (traffic). It creates the traffic log for the entire day, or separate playlists for each commercial break, depending on your settings and preferences. Then, these playlists are imported to your main program playlist in your main program scheduler, or executed by your playout software while in playback mode.

AdMaster Workstation is a stand alone application with the user interface identical to the “full” version. It can set up or edit a campaign using the same procedure, but it cannot combine the campaigns into a common traffic log. Instead, it saves each campagin to a small xml file, to be sent to the full version of AdMaster in one or more broadcast stations. The campaign files can be sent via local or remote network, e-mail, removable drives or using AdMaster’s own file sync server. At the recipient side, AdMaster can be configured to import the campaigns automatically, or to wait for the user to confirm the import manually.

AdMaster Workstation is free for everyone. Please note that you need a full version of AdMaster to be able to use the Workstation (because it cannot generate the campaign files compatible with any other software except AdMaster).

AdMaster Workstation cannot create the traffic log/playlist file. It can create the unlimited number of campaign schedules, but it can only export them one by one to the paid version of AdMaster. Without the paid version at the recipient side, the Workstation acts like a handsfree unit without a phone.

In general, it will, if your automation software can import the traffic logs generated by third party.

Here’s the list of currently supported output formats. We routinely add the new output formats, when requested by our users.

IMPORTANT:  In AdMaster’s output configuration settings, you can configure the custom output format, by setting the the filename structure, the extension, and the structure of playlist/log content. Feel free to download the trial version, and check if you can integrate AdMaster with your playout system. It’s easier than you think. Contact us if you need help and support on this.

Yes, it can! You can manage as many stations as you want. You need to purchase a separate license for each station. Multi station discount applies. Check our purchase page for more information.

In addition, you can install the unlimited number of AdMaster Workstations, so that each and every sales agent that works for you can manage his/her own campaigns from any remote location.

No, you don’t.

You don’t even need to install it inside your radio station (you can use file sync services to deliver the traffic logs and audio spots to your broadcast PC). AdMaster is very easy to use. Many of our customers have installed AdMaster on sales agents’ laptops, giving them the opportunity to activate the campaign immediately after the deal with the customer is made, while still being at the customer’s office. The feedback from the field is outstanding: the advertisers love this very much.

You need a Windows based PC, which you may later configure to be accessed through remote desktop from Mac, Linux, tablet or smartphone. Several our customers are successfully using AdMaster on Virtual Machines installed on Mac.

We will soon offer you an online platform that will montior your broadcast logs, and prepare all the reports and invoices based on your settings. This  online tool will be free to everyone (no purchase of AdMaster will be necessary).

In the meantime, you will need a little help from other applications for the billing (freeware solutions are available too).

AdMaster’s first priority is your commercials schedule, not the paperwork. We want you to have a perfect schedule, so that all of your customers are happy. And we want you to be able to set up an average campaign in less than two minutes, which would be next to impossible if a campaign setup has to include your customers’ business addresses, contact person names, due dates and tax identification numbers.

Before our billing tool is ready, use AdMaster to schedule your commercials. Generate monthly report, as a guideline for invoicing. Then use any invoicing software of your choice for the paperwork.

You may also set up a completely free, simple and very efficient invoicing solution on your own. In THIS PDF DOCUMENT, you can find the instructions on how to do it.

We grant the 75% discount to the smallest radio stations who meet several criteria: 1) The license: You need to be a single frequency Community radio, or a single frequency Low Power FM; 2) The Income: your station total monthly income from all sources is less than EUR 4000.00 (or approx. $4900.00, or the equivalent in your currency), 3) You do not broadcast or re-broadcast anything on any digital platform. Please note that the non-profit status of a radio station (including the parent organization/company) and the size of the market the station is operating in, are not the determining factors.

The lower pricing plan is also available to AM-only radio stations, and internet-only radio stations (providing that they do not broadcast or simulcast on any other channel (AM, FM, cable, satellite, digital, translator, etc.), and they meet the total income criteria above).

Yes, the discounts are calculated automatically on our Purchase page.
Do not hesitate to contact us.

Questions asked by AdMaster users

Yes, of course. By default, AdMaster will create two commercial breaks per hour (the maximum is 12 breaks per hour). The setup can be separate for each hour throughout the week, so you can have e.g. 3 breaks per hour from Monday to Friday, 2 breaks per hour on Saturdays, 1 break per hour on Sundays, and/or 2 breaks in the morning hours, 3 breaks in the afternoon, and a couple of commercial free hours. The changes are quick and efficient: in case you want to instantly add and play a pre-recorded show, or you need to switch to the emergency programming for whatever reason, with only a few clicks, you would be able to exclude the commercials from as many hours (or days) you need, and the updated the traffic log will be created in seconds.

Yes. AdMaster can create up to 12 breaks per hour. Each of them can be assigned separate group of Station ID’s (or bumpers) to be scheduled at the beginning and at the end of the break. It is then up to you to set up the campaigns carefully, so the specific campaigns are carried in selected range of breaks (e.g. Break A is paid advertising, Break B is station promos, Break C is political campaign advertising, each of them starting and ending with the correspondent ID’s).


Yes. You can specify the starting hour for the first, and the ending hour for the last day of the campaign. And you can also use many of other campaign fine tunings, so that your campaign is scheduled exactly according to your (or your client’s) wishes.

Yes. You can set each commercial break in a week to have its own top-up policy. There are several different top-up settings, starting from selecting the specific top-ups for the specific breaks, to setting any active spot to be used as a top-up if necessary (providing the bonus plays to the paying customers).

Yes, AdMaster can create its own reports, and we’re working on an update that will include the log reconciliation, so you can re-schedule the spots that were not broadcasted for whatever reason.

When setting up a campaign, select Manual schedule, and you will be able to tick and untick each and every repeating of each spot throughout the entire campaign.
Of course. You can use Backup/Restore feature, or you can manually copy the database file to the new computer.

Each AdMaster installation needs its own unique database file to work with. The database files cannot be shared with the other AdMaster installations. However, you can set AdMaster to create the daily backups to a specific folder. Using these backup files on another computer, you will be able to continue your work instantly.