AdMaster main features

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Anyone from your station will be able to work with this software immediately after the initial setup.
Use the same AdMaster installation to manage the traffic for one, or purchase the additional licenses for managing as many additional stations as you wish, all from a single computer. You’ll hardly find a better deal for multi station traffic scheduling software.
If your station broadcasts on more than one frequency (or simulcasts the terrestrial broadcast to web), why not earn more money by sending different ad breaks to different transmitters? You can set AdMaster to limit the duration of certain ad breaks, or you can top them up to desired duration to keep the audio feeds in sync. Check if your playout software can support this, and contact us if you need more information.
Depending on the customer requirements, you can either schedule a campaign in less than 60 seconds (and have a coffee while AdMaster handles all the calculations on its own), or, if you prefer to keep everything under tight control for a demanding client, you can go as deep as manually ticking (and unticking) each and every spot repeating in the six months campaign.
Each campaign can include unlimited amount of spots, and can be kept active until someone stops it manually. Nothing would be carved into stone: you will always be able to replace spots, edit the schedule or modify anything on the go.
Smart ads scheduling means happy clients. Whenever possible (the performance is highly dependable of available variety), AdMaster will keep the similar spots and messages away from each other in ad breaks. Ford and Toyota dealers’ spots will only be played back to back if there’s nothing else to schedule, but that’s only a top of an iceberg. Under the surface, you’ll be able to go as deep, as setting a shopping mall’s spot to be separated from both Ford and Toyota spots, because it advertises a Nissan car giveaway for the luckiest shopper.
The scheduling formulas will be doing their best under the hood, but you’ll always be able to fine tune the final schedule, using the Traffic Log Editor.
You can export the entire campaign information to a small xml file, to be easily imported into another instance of AdMaster. The export-import feature is used in multi-station installations of AdMaster, and for sending the campaigns to other stations.
It’s far beyond from pure selection of how many breaks you want per hour. You can determine the separate breaks that you want to use for the “classical” paid advertising, the political campaign advertising, the humanitarian campaigns, or anything else, as required by your country’s radio advertising regulation. In your main program schedule, you can then decide to play some breaks back to back, providing that different categories of advertising are separated by correspondent ID’s. You can also configure the duration limits for each break, top up the shorter breaks, assign the separate station ID’s to open and close each ad break, and set up the commercial free hours (if you want them).
You name it, AdMaster can schedule it:

  • Simple Dayparting (e.g. 3 repeatings from 5AM to 9AM, then 10 times from 10AM to 10PM);
  • Advanced Dayparting (e.g. 2 repeatings of spot A from 5 AM to 9AM on Mondays, 4 repeatings on other weekdays from 5AM to 8AM + 10 randomly chosen repeatings of A&B spots from 10AM to 10PM)
  • Start and end the campaign in specific hour;
  • Random, or precise manual selection of spots included to campaign;
  • Weekdays selection: skip the campaign for the food delivery if it is closed on Mondays;
  • Special positioning (always first/last in break) available;
  • Carry the campaign in all available, or restrict it to be carried only in selected breaks;
  • …and many more features.
If you are carrying syndicated contents, you don’t want your automation software to switch to your syndicator’s ads in case your breaks are shorter.
The stations with light advertising requirements may want to carry one commercial break per hour, and add another one only if the first break has reached the maximum duration. This is exactly what you can get in AdMaster: set the exact order of priority, and thte breaks will be filled up one by one (otherwise, by default, the breaks are being filled up evenly).
We’re radio people, and we also use AdMaster. We truly care about the product, and want a reliable and smart traffic scheduler as much as you do. As long as your license is active, you’ll have the access to free updates, with new features requested by our users.