Download the free trial version

The trial edition of AdMaster will work for 14 days, and has a limit on the number of campaigns you can create. The help files are included. Advertising schedules (playlists/logs) created in demo edition of AdMaster can be used for broadcasting.

The trial version cannot be unlocked.

Please note that transferring the data from trial to full version is not possible. It is OK with us if you use the trial version to generate the traffic log and use it on your station, but once you purchase the license, you would need to set up all the campaigns from the scratch.

If you have already purchased a license, please do not install this version.


Download the free Workstation version

The Workstation version is free to everyone. It has an user interface identical to the full version, but it is stripped down so that it can create and edit the campaigns, but it cannot combine them into the common traffic log. Instead, the campaign information is saved to the xml file (one per campaign), that you can export to the full version of AdMaster, where the campaign will be imported and added to the schedule.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: The Workstation needs a full version of AdMaster to work with, so if you’re not an active AdMaster user, you should start with the free trial version. Download it from the above, give it a try, set your automation software to import the traffic playlists generated by AdMaster, then set a couple of dummy campaigns to see how it works. As soon as you’re familiar with the environment, contact us and we’ll guide you to set the Workstation(s).