AdMaster compatibility

In general, AdMaster will work with any radio automation / scheduling / playout software that can insert the externally created m3u or pls files into the main program playlist.

The following preconfigured output log templates are included in latest version of AdMaster. All of them are used daily, as reported and confirmed by our customers.

(listed in alphabetical order)

  • Ad Play (output preset available in AdMaster)
  • Digital JukeBox (output preset available in AdMaster)
  • Jazler RadioStar (output preset available in AdMaster, pairing instructions with screenshots available in AdMaster help)
  • Radio Boss (output preset available in AdMaster, pairing instructions with screenshots available in AdMaster help)
  • Radio DJ (output presets (for both m3u for new, and rpl outputs for older versions) are available in AdMasters, check the RadioDJforum topic here)
  • Send Broadcasting by Zenon Media (output preset available in AdMaster, pairing support available from Zenon Media )
  • StationPlaylist Creator/Studio (output presets available in AdMaster, three different methods available (via Play a file break notes, m3u commercial spot groups, or compatible traffic log files), help files with screenshots available in AdMaster help, video tutorial on pairing available here)
  • Zara Studio (output preset available in AdMaster)
  • Audio Vault (output preset available in AdMaster, based on instructions received from Audio Vault user)

The following radio automation / scheduling / playout software suites have been paired with AdMaster by our customers, using either standard m3u or pls playlists, or by configuring the specific output template in AdMaster:

(listed in chronological order, upon receiving the feedback from our customers)

  • Powergold (paired via m3u playlists, in regular use by our customers)
  • Myriad Playout by Psquared (paired using custom built output format in AdMaster; in regular use by our customers)
  • mAirList (TPI format available as an output template, previously paired via m3u files; the topic on mAirList support forum is here)
Please note that in many cases we do not receive any feedback on software that our customers are using with AdMaster. If you are using the automation solution not listed above, download the free trial from our website, and use the custom built output in AdMaster settings to configure the log compatible with your automation. When done, send us the detailed information on pairing your software with AdMaster so that we can list the additional software to our compatibility list, and we’ll grant you the free 12 months license in return. The details are here.