Powerful. Easy to use. Affordable. Just perfect for your station.

Spending long hours scheduling the commercial breaks?

That’s great, because it shows that you truly care about your customers.

But wait: there’s a way to have the ad breaks scheduled quickly and efficiently, with many smart and powerful options.

Based on the author’s three decades in radio industry, it offers the simplest approach to traffic scheduling that you can imagine. It will save lots of your time. And your money too.

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“You just pop in which client is going to advertise what, and how much that commercial is going go and boom, it’s finished!”
(Erik Rosén, Radio Floda 91,4, Sweden)
“I downloaded and tested virtually every traffic management package for which I could get hold of an evaluation copy. AdMaster was by far the simplest and easiest to get working of any of them.”
(Andrew Crawford, CIOE-FM 97.5, Canada)
“Our sales agent can now send a campaign to broadcast a minute after the deal is made, still sitting at client’s office. Changes effective immediately. You cannot imagine how our clients love this.”
(Jovica Panić, Radio Hit, Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina)
“AdMaster is a life-saver. An simple, easy to use interface without a steep learning curve.”
(Joe Szymanski, WHZY 101.7)
“AdMaster has performed perfectly for us. It is not difficult to learn, is intuitive, and works well for us.”
(KZHP, Sacramento, California)