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AdMasterRadio commercials scheduler starting at as little as US$ 6.9/month

Powerful, but simple and very easy to use. The list of main features is HERE. The product videos are HERE.

Prepared to work along with your current scheduling/playout software. Fully customizable in creating output logs. Check the details HERE.

English Italian SerbianMulti-language platform. We're ready to add your language too.

Try it now for free. The download link is HERE.

Meet other awsome stations that use AdMaster:

"It now takes no more than a couple of minutes to upload the campaigns to the system, I would 100% recommend..." (READ MORE)

Joe Walsh, Radio One Mallorca, Spain

"AdMaster saves me a lot of time and gives me a level of control that I never could have had doing it the hard way..." (READ MORE)

Joe Szymanski, WXZY 101.7, United States

"With AdMaster, our sales crew can now do the entire work on their own, directly from the sales office... " (READ MORE)

Jovica Panić, Hit Radio, Bosnia and Herzegovina

"You just pop in which client is going to advertise what, and how much that commercial is going go and boom, it's finished!" (READ MORE)

Erik Rosén, Radio Floda 91.4, Sweden