AdMaster WorkstationAdMaster WorkstationAdMaster Workstation

Radio and TV commercials automation – the easier way.

AdMaster is a commercial breaks (traffic) scheduling software tool, very powerful, but incredibly simple and easy to use. It works with any radio or TV automation platform that can import the externally created logs/playlists.
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AdMaster Traffic Scheduling SoftwareAdMaster Traffic Scheduling Software

“Low cost and great support – and regular updates with new, well considered features!”
(Mike Williams, Free FM, New Zealand)

“You just pop in which client is going to advertise what, and how much that commercial is going go and boom, it’s finished!”
(Erik Rosén, Radio Floda 91,4, Sweden)
“I downloaded and tested virtually every traffic management package for which I could get hold of an evaluation copy. AdMaster was by far the simplest and easiest to get working of any of them.”
(Andrew Crawford, CIOE-FM 97.5, Canada)

“We are now able to schedule a complex campaign in under five minutes time. Before AdMaster, we used to spend hours to schedule the similar campaigns.”
(Jovica Panić, Radio Hit, Brčko, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

“AdMaster is a life-saver. An simple, easy to use interface without a steep learning curve.”
(Joe Szymanski, WHZY 101.7)
“AdMaster has performed perfectly for us. It is not difficult to learn, is intuitive, and works well for us.”
(KZHP, Sacramento, California)

“Our network consists of two stations and each of them covers three local markets on the separate frequencies. AdMaster had helped us to easily schedule the separate commercial breaks for each market. Using the Workstation, the sales agents schedule the traffic on their own, changes effective immediately on all frequencies. Everything works perfectly and we did not experience a single glitch so far.”
(Alem Lolić, TNT Group, Bosnia and Herzegovina)

“The guy had actually written this for his own station. There’s no better recommendation than this. Does the job perfectly, and has everything you need to keep the commercials under a tight control.”
(Mićo Zečević, Radio Budva, Montenegro)